Your belief determines your behavior

 171 pages in PDF format and 8 hours of video explanations

Full of essential information with examples of operations carried out in real time


The first practical Handbook of Sports Trading rich in STRATEGIES that you can immediately put into practice.



Traditional bookmakers.
The system points and bank.
Manage the account and manage yourself.
Who would not do such an episode.
Those who know me well know that by activity, I consider something that puts money in my pocket.
In the Exchange system, our counterpart, I speak generally and then I’ll tell you why, it’s another bettor.

Do not underestimate what you are about to read, it can be very important for you

Read very carefully
Therefore, sports trading must be dealt with normally as one faces any business.
You want to make money with sports trading, I know, and I can assure you that you can do it.
Always think in percentage terms and not look at the numbers won or lost in terms of amount of money.
If you are convinced that there are not, or there should be losses in this trade, you are wrong.
The ideal account.
the ideal amount for a sports trader.
You just have to take the rules into account.
Eh, do not come and ask for pocket money at the weekend!
What are these rules?
Discover the magic of the compound rate.
You are replicating money like a printing press.
Respect the money.
You will be able to do great even if you only make 2% for trade.
Does it still seem like a small thing?
You can do it!
All reasoning is based on a percentage perspective.
Space Fratto Time, same Profit.
the part necessary for proper money management.
the meticulous study of the match on which to enter.
wealth is all in information.
Always use only money that you can afford to lose.
Money Mannaggiament.
Use of Betfair step by step.
Analysis of the sporting event (Football).
Strategies to be applied.
Analysis of the sporting event (Football).
Select a Tennis match.
How to use the Fairbot Book.
How to use the Geeks Toy Book.


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DO NOT PURCHASE this manual if you do not have the patience to READ MORE TIMES, cover, listen and STUDY the contents of the videos that you will find in the Reserved Area, respect the DISCIPLINE described above, do a lot of DEMO until you have developed the right observation spirit .

Never forget that there is no infallible method, losses will be part of this activity but will not be a problem if you follow the rules and instructions in the manual.


We ask you the courtesy of NOT PURCHASING the manual if you are not willing to strictly follow what you have just read.